New Fund Raising Business

Announcing a new fund raising opportunity.

Desert Diva Dogs is proud to announce a new relationship in fundraising with Pet Club 247

Some really great reasons we are excited about this effort are:

  1. Products are designed with the best of health for our pets
  2. All products fit into our Rescue (animal) Support Missions
  3. Provides us an opportunity to build long term fund raising relationships
  4. Support the pets we all love
  5. Also support our own missions with great products
  6. No inventory to carry
  7. Less than $10 a month to host your own branded web site
  8. Easy to Administer 

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We are dedicating an elite team of volunteers to help other rescue minded business to do the same in their areas.   If needed, we will provide support in the following:

  1. Design a business plan and opportunity for you that will best fit your mission
  2. Provide training and integration support
  3. Assist with marketing plans for you and your organization

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By taking advantage or your organizations mission and built in support network you could hit a senior level within the organization and lock out your peers very quickly.

What is very exciting about this and us Rescue minded groups is we have an immediate captive audience.  Such as:

  • All of the people we know are like minded and love our pets
  • We would all do anything to help our pets
  • Board Members and Key Volunteers can help you lead the way
  • Board Members and Key Volunteers can benefit as well
  • Foster Parents will naturally help and can benefit as well
  • Every future Pet Parent adopting one of your precious rescues is a future client