Pins for Paws Program Sponsorships

Event Profile:

About Pins for Paws:

Pins for Paws is a bowling fundraiser created by Paw Partners Unleashed to assist animal rescues with veterinary care expenses and to raise awareness for responsible pet ownership. Each Pins for Paws event features a different “rescue of the month,” selected in a random drawing of animal rescues enrolled in the Paw Partners Unleashed Rescue Partner Program.

The goal of Pins for Paws bowling events is to raise as much money as possible through sponsorships and donations to make a large impact on the rescue’s medical bills so they can continue their focus on saving precious lives. Proceeds from each monthly event are sent directly to the designated rescue’s veterinarian to help pay their outstanding balance and/or develop a credit account toward future medical bills.

Event Information:

Pins for Paws offers an evening of bowling and fun while supporting animal rescues. Participants can look forward to swag bag giveaways, raffles, and winning prizes during strike contests. Ticket sales for the event include three hours of bowling, shoe rental, a slice of pizza, a soft drink, and one raffle ticket. Non-bowler ticket sales are also available, which include a slice of pizza, soft drink and one raffle ticket.

When:    2nd Tuesday of the month (any changes will be communicated in advance)

Time:      6:00 - 9:00 pm

Where:    The Orleans Hotel & Casino -  Bowling Center

   4500 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Why This Cause is Important:

A leading concern for animal rescues is the costly bills associated with medical expenses to save these precious lives. The average medical bill for one rescue dog is $500. Dogs with complex medical issues can easily exceed $2,500.

Proceeds through Pins for Paws event sponsorship's support many rescues working to help the animal lives in need of medical care. Additional proceeds collected through ticket sales and donations at each event provide a greater impact to the benefiting rescue each month.


Sponsorship Exposure

Event Reach:

Pets are recognized as an important part of the family, with more than 68% of U.S. households owning at least one pet. Your sponsorship gives you the opportunity to advertise and promote your company’s brand in front of multiple animal rescue organizations and community influencers who support socially conscientious business owners and organizations. Sponsors also enjoy ongoing visibility through our pre-event and post-event communications.